what was she saying!!??

She was gasping for air and panting. I tried my best to ignore her. But failed. Maybe it was the pain that her eyes held or her self, that seemed to be drenched in horror that I, with a heart which was reluctant but also curious started to move in her direction, totally oblivious to what I would say to her. As I took steps closer to her, I realized she was repeating some words in a low voice.So, I just stopped. My conscious was screaming that I should turn back, what if she turned out to be a murderer!
But then I startled my own self, when I realized that I was standing right in front of her. Well she didn’t look too bad. Maybe bad but not that bad. She was definitely unkempt but there was something about her which glued me at the spot. Yes, those words which she was saying again and again. No wonder how she escaped!


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