This world has got everything in pairs. Day with night, good with bad, happiness with sadness and so on.
Thing that is of interest here is, Love! What is its true pair? Hatred!? No.
I personally believe the pair of love varies person to person. For me, it is WEAKNESS. Love makes you fragile. And drains away all your strength. Some people may think that love strengthens you. But if it is this way then I don’t think so it is love. Because Love is something Magnificent and Mighty! And again comes the pairing, since love is mighty therefore it is STRONG and in order to balance the pairing, the person experiencing Love is weak. Because you are all open to other person and you are vulnerable. There is always fear of hurting or losing the other person, you again are weak. At the end of the day you are happy to be weak because you have something valuable and irreplaceable. Love.
There is no better way to love. Give it all away, offer your soul and being. And if you think you still have capacity to love. Then you haven’t been in love yet!


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