So, this is how it started..

‘Look into my eyes!’ He commanded. His words sounded anything but an order.

‘I would have looked into your eyes but my friend I am afraid that these beautiful eyes of mine will betray me and they’ll give away all of my imaginations in which you are not my friend but my prince.’

I have no idea, how on earth I said those words to him! I can now barely see or feel anything because my mind has completely lost the control over me.

What should I do now? Should I look up? Should I run? Ohhhh… Holy fudge why isn’t he saying something!! I will definitely faint right now because he is holding me by my shoulders.

Wait a second. Why is he shaking me so hard? And why is he sounding like mum? I close my eyes tightly and opened them again.What I see is my mum’s round face with bead like eyes, pointed nose and rosy lips staring down at me with partial anger and partial adoration.

Hurrayy! my secret is still mine. But what if this dream comes true…


4 thoughts on “Prince

      1. Hahaha oh don’t worry I DAYDREAM a lot about that idiot.. He’s just lost in the woods somewhere.. I’m sure he’ll be here soon..
        *crying in the corner* 😥


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