Unconditional love.


You may not remember these words but they were the map of my life. I was confident that these words will always help me find my way back to blissful days, if get lost in the cruelty of this world. But once a saviour can transform into your greatest fear and you learn this the hard way only. Because when you are in love, the only thing that you want to see is beauty in that person. No matter how many flaws he has, you will ignore them so perfectly as if your eyes have mistaken.
But this is where it starts getting dark. And now I am certain that there exists nothing like unconditional. At least not. love, I am positive about it.
By the way these words are not from the letter that you gave me in our fourth meeting. That letter is crumbled in my other hand and this one, I found it in our daughter’s drawer-sorry, my daughter’s drawer- I am bit confused, should I let her proceed or not. I don’t want her to end up like me, single mother.

The End.

P.S: I am proud of all the single mothers I only wrote it to express that love demands commitment. It is a feeling we all should encourage our children to believe in so, do a favour and not make it nightmare that we have to steer our kids away from it.


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