It took me less than a minute to realise how badly I had hurt her. I ran after her with the belief that she will forgive me right away.Guess what, I was wrong. Completely wrong. Sometimes healing is just not an option, when you break someone brutally enough that they get lost whilst finding their own pieces.

If you are thinking that what happened when I went after her then yes, we got together but that togetherness is the most excruciating thing I have experienced in my life. And I am all to be blamed for the void created between us. 

We should understand that love is a courageous act. It encompasses all the emotions, all the extremes and all the insecurities so disrespecting it should never be on our list. But doing so, marks the start of our sufferings.

That day I made her feel, ‘she wasn’t worthy enough for my love’. Now It’s me deprived of all those heavenly feelings that I don’t even feel worthy enough for my own love. 



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