It is not fair.

Do you want me to write about us’, she asked. And that question created a chain reaction of happiness in me which was evident from my huge smile. ‘Why not!’ I replied to her. 
‘So what should be its title?’

‘Hey!! You are good at it so, I can’t help you here’

‘Ok, at least suggest how should I start’

‘My memory isn’t good either’

‘This isn’t fair! One should remember the first meeting at least!!!’  

She was dejected by my answers and I was enjoying that. Teasing her has always been amusing for me. 

‘Eric, I am not writing unless you tell me how we met!! I mean it’s so bad that you can forget such thing!!’ 

I knew I can’t mess with her for much longer so I smiled and told her what I can never dare to forget. Because it was the day that blessed me with her surreal companionship. And today marks 7 years of our togetherness. 

But still her trembling voice which I heard for the first time is engraved in my memory. She was struggling to reach the top shelf and That was when she asked for my help. I grabbed the dvd from the shelf and turned to hand it over to her. 




I was,

Don’t know by her simplicity or by the amount of things she was already holding or by the tears that were about to fall. I could have handed her the dvd and left for my own movie night but I ended up in the park, listening to her story of rejection. I wonder what an idiot the person must have been to not approve her short story. Since then I have been trying to persuade her to write and finally After 7 years, she has agreed to it. I feel so proud of her because over the years she has improved her skills immensely and I am sure she will ace it this time. Because our relationship has all the details a story must contain and yes, a happy ending too!






And that was it. 

You left me. It’s me now writing about us, you know it’s not fair because I can’t express what we had that your death took away from me. It’s not fair, I was supposed to read our story written by you instead of writing it while crying and cursing. It’s not fair that our story doesn’t get a happy ending. It’s not fair I am left with a trembling voice for rest of my life. It is just not fair.


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