‘You can transform anything into anything.’   -mustahibah

Hi! I would like to thank you for stopping by my blog furthermore I’ve tried my best that you end up FOLLOWING it. 🙂

In simple words, I assemble words and phrases for my random thoughts. Reading numerous stories eventually made me a writer. Yes, I am a writer because once I attended a speaking session and learned that, IF YOU HAVE A QUALITY OR SOMETHING SPECIAL THEN OWN IT, IT HELPS YOU TO NURTURE IT MORE AND MORE, THAT YOU BECOME COMPLETELY CONFIDENT ABOUT IT AND YOU EXCEL IN IT.’ 

Ughhh!! I am badly struggling what else to write about myself. I am studying Management Sciences, I am great at most of the things EXCEPT studies because I am not great but good. I am the second in my siblings. I am emotional person. I can eat Fries for 365 days. My favorite color is Blue. Book that I always suggest, THE SECRET. In the end this whole page would be incomplete if I don’t mention about the person for whom I did most of my poetry, who spurred me to write. And who gave the name to this blog, my dearest friend who is an amazing person and a phenomenal photographer, MishaalKabir. Thank you buddy!

That’s all… ‘Love yourself, you all are awesome.’




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