Unconditional love.


You may not remember these words but they were the map of my life. I was confident that these words will always help me find my way back to blissful days, if get lost in the cruelty of this world. But once a saviour can transform into your greatest fear and you learn this the hard way only. Because when you are in love, the only thing that you want to see is beauty in that person. No matter how many flaws he has, you will ignore them so perfectly as if your eyes have mistaken.
But this is where it starts getting dark. And now I am certain that there exists nothing like unconditional. At least not. love, I am positive about it.
By the way these words are not from the letter that you gave me in our fourth meeting. That letter is crumbled in my other hand and this one, I found it in our daughter’s drawer-sorry, my daughter’s drawer- I am bit confused, should I let her proceed or not. I don’t want her to end up like me, single mother.

The End.

P.S: I am proud of all the single mothers I only wrote it to express that love demands commitment. It is a feeling we all should encourage our children to believe in so, do a favour and not make it nightmare that we have to steer our kids away from it.


So, this is how it started..

‘Look into my eyes!’ He commanded. His words sounded anything but an order.

‘I would have looked into your eyes but my friend I am afraid that these beautiful eyes of mine will betray me and they’ll give away all of my imaginations in which you are not my friend but my prince.’

I have no idea, how on earth I said those words to him! I can now barely see or feel anything because my mind has completely lost the control over me.

What should I do now? Should I look up? Should I run? Ohhhh… Holy fudge why isn’t he saying something!! I will definitely faint right now because he is holding me by my shoulders.

Wait a second. Why is he shaking me so hard? And why is he sounding like mum? I close my eyes tightly and opened them again.What I see is my mum’s round face with bead like eyes, pointed nose and rosy lips staring down at me with partial anger and partial adoration.

Hurrayy! my secret is still mine. But what if this dream comes true…


This world has got everything in pairs. Day with night, good with bad, happiness with sadness and so on.
Thing that is of interest here is, Love! What is its true pair? Hatred!? No.
I personally believe the pair of love varies person to person. For me, it is WEAKNESS. Love makes you fragile. And drains away all your strength. Some people may think that love strengthens you. But if it is this way then I don’t think so it is love. Because Love is something Magnificent and Mighty! And again comes the pairing, since love is mighty therefore it is STRONG and in order to balance the pairing, the person experiencing Love is weak. Because you are all open to other person and you are vulnerable. There is always fear of hurting or losing the other person, you again are weak. At the end of the day you are happy to be weak because you have something valuable and irreplaceable. Love.
There is no better way to love. Give it all away, offer your soul and being. And if you think you still have capacity to love. Then you haven’t been in love yet!