what was she saying!!??

She was gasping for air and panting. I tried my best to ignore her. But failed. Maybe it was the pain that her eyes held or her self, that seemed to be drenched in horror that I, with a heart which was reluctant but also curious started to move in her direction, totally oblivious to what I would say to her. As I took steps closer to her, I realized she was repeating some words in a low voice.So, I just stopped. My conscious was screaming that I should turn back, what if she turned out to be a murderer!
But then I startled my own self, when I realized that I was standing right in front of her. Well she didn’t look too bad. Maybe bad but not that bad. She was definitely unkempt but there was something about her which glued me at the spot. Yes, those words which she was saying again and again. No wonder how she escaped!



It feels good to be back after being lost!

It was going to be his first time. Therefore his hands were shaking and he was having second thoughts about it. But then he also knew that both of his options would leave him hurt anyway. So, he chose the one which would at least be in someone else’s favor.
He committed the sin. YEAH SIN. Not for his own luxury or pleasure but for (that) someone else’s betterment. And he knew from the beginning that in the end he would be dejected. But one thing for which he was not ready. I mean seriously he wasn’t ready. That all of his sacrifice of his most precious thing (relation) would go in vain. And for whose wellbeing he risked  his values would not even give him the chance of explanation for his action.
This broke him completely. He had his alibi along with him all the time. But for no use. His intentions were taken negatively, this was the worst part of the story.

what do you do then? Prove your self by self-justification or leave for good?


Sometimes you need what you don’t need it’s just the craving of your brain to calm the senses and believe me its not for the heart ♥. Ever felt that way? Maybe or maybe it happened but went unnoticed because we are used to ignore small things that in reality are huge, huge as mammoth.  who’s craving do we care more in life?
Heart or Brain?


Nostalgia struck me when I was rummaging through my drawer and my fingers brushed the keypad of my BELOVED Nokia c3


Yeah! that was my first phone. Time these days… Just flowing and we, too are so eager to ride the tomorrow that we forget things we adored once. Things that we valued more than ourselves. So, I picked up the phone,believe me only it’s feel in my hand brought the flood of memories. I just recalled them and at moments smiled and laughed like a maniac. It was great. Yes, I agree we all are wrapped up in NOW and worry for the NEXT but what about the PREVIOUS?
Some people clings to the past( including me) whereas some are ever ready to embrace the tomorrow. What about you?

Lost Souls we all are…

In the end,

We are all,

Lost souls,

Searching ourselves,



Lost ones.

Don’t know whether I too was lost when i wrote this poem. But one thing is for sure there is no denial about these words. Instead we should discover ourselves first and then seek for the beauty and peace in someone else’s existence.

What do you think? About the lost souls that are wandering in this world oblivious to their own beauty!